Sunday, December 11, 2005

tagged again

1. Dawno’s first AW Monday Meme: Feeling rather holiday-ish tonight I thought the first AWMondayMeme should be: what are the 10 books or sets of books you most wish you could find under/beside/in your {insert appropriate holiday decor/object}?

I was tagged for this meme by Joanne Kiggins (writingafterdark).

1. I would love to have the complete set of Stephen King books (autographed)

2. The collected works of Edgar Allen Poe

3. Would wishing for Stephen King to come down my chimney on Christmas Eve and ask if I would like to discuss his book “On Writing” with him be asking too much?

4. Autographed first edition of William Faulkner ( doesn’t matter which book)

5. Do lunch with Kurt Vonnegut and have him autograph my collection of his books. The guy is hilarious.

6. A collection of the Spiderman comic books( in mint condition) that thrilled me as a teenager.

7. 2006 copy of Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition.

8. The complete set of the Foxfire books.

9. Nocturnes by John Connolly

10. More bookshelves (I’m running out of room!) :)

Thanks, Joanne.

Okay, Anonymous, you get another chance to participate. Tag, you’re it. :)

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